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3rd Annual boy patrick chees Memorial Teeter-Totter-a-Thon (TTaT)


The organizers of the 3rd Annual boy patrick chees Memorial Teeter-Totter-a-Thon (TTaT) are pleased to announce this year's marathon teeter-totter ride will be held at the Sterling Hotel located on Highway 183 at Regal Row. The teeter-tottering will begin at Midnight on Friday, September 28 and continue non-stop for 24 hours before concluding at Midnight on Saturday, September 29. This event is once again being held in conjunction with NLA-Dallas' Pantheon Award winning event, Beyond Vanilla (www.BeyondVanilla.org).

All funds collected will again benefit Bryan's House (www.BryansHouse.org), Dallas' only special care facility for children and teens affected by HIV/AIDS. Collection points for monetary donations will be available on-site during the event at the Sterling Hotel or by an electronic method through the event website. The TTaT is open to the public and will be videocasted to allow viewing and participation from supporters across the World Wide Web!

Our previous year's fundraisers have allowed us to raise enough funds to provide nursing and medical supplies for almost year*.

We need your help this year. You can support the event in several ways:

Leading up to the event:

~With a monetary donation. A contribution of $100 provides milk for a week at Bryan's House*!
~With a donation of gift cards/certificates, gift baskets and/or other goods, which can be used as, raffle items to raise funds.
~Through donations of bottled water/sodas, snack foods and other items that can be provided as a reward for the time and involvement of the Teeter-Totter riders.

During the event:

~By taking the time to stop by and ride on the teeter-totter and encouraging your friends to do so also.
~Making a cash donation in person or through our online resource.

We need your help to make this year a success and hope you will join us in supporting Bryan's House, where families coping with HIV/AIDS, as well as other serious medical issues, find love and warmth when they have no place else to turn.

Every financial gift, large or small, makes a difference. Bryan's House depends on the community - our community, your community - for 70% of its funding. Please help us make their job a little easier and bring comfort and
security to the children it serves.

Please check our website often for additional information as it becomes available! http://www.TeeterTotteraThon.com

*Data is taken from the Bryan's House website

Please crosspost to appropriate groups or lists. Thank you. 
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