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NCSF Media Update -- December 10, 2006

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom -- Media Update
December 10, 2006

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom -- Media Update
December 10, 2006

1. I saw Mommy -- or Progenitor A -- kissing Santa Claus
2. Hanover man found guilty in beating
3. Dominatrix says cop offered deal in exchange for fetish performance
4. Party may be over for Coopersburg sex club
5. Prosecutors claim Greenburgh cop crossed the line in the dominatrix case
6. Ivy League: Flagellating females 101

I saw Mommy -- or Progenitor A -- kissing Santa Claus
by Lori Borgman
Indianapolis Star
December 10, 2006

If you like hearing yourself called "Mom" or "Dad," you might want to get it on tape. Those days may be rapidly disappearing.

In Spain, all birth certificates have been changed from listing "Mother" and "Father" to "Progenitor A" and "Progenitor B."

The old classic "Daddy's Little Girl" now becomes, "You're the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold, you're Progenitor B's little girl to have and hold."

Earlier this year, the Commonwealth of Virginia issued a birth certificate to an adoptive couple that read Parent 1 and Parent 2.

Canadians have erased the term "natural parent" and replaced it with "legal parent."

The roles once determined by a man, a woman and a pregnancy are now increasingly determined by the state.

The Commission on Parenthood's Future, a nonpartisan group of scholars and leaders concerned with marriage, family, law and culture, recently released a white paper titled "The Revolution in Parenthood." The revolution is that the "two-person, mother-father model of parenthood is being fundamentally challenged."

Polyamorists (meaning "many loves") are also being heard. The Heartland Polyamory Conference was held this fall in French Lick. I'm not sure how successful it was. Their Web site featured a four-day schedule grid that listed only two events -- lunch and dinner. In any case, polyamorists also are clamoring for recognition in the redefinition of family. Meet the fam -- progenitors A, B, C, D, E, ad infinitum.


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Hanover man found guilty in beating
by Melodie N. Martin
Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia)
December 8, 2006

A jury yesterday convicted a Mechanicsville man of several felony counts related to the discovery of crack cocaine and a beaten 18-year-old woman in his home last year. But jurors rejected charges that he sexually assaulted and held the woman against her will for six days.

William Keith Heath, 40, was found guilty in Hanover County Circuit Court of malicious wounding, distributing cocaine as an accommodation and possession of a firearm while in possession of cocaine. The jury will return today for sentencing.

Jurors, who deliberated for more than four hours, acquitted Heath of charges of forcible sodomy and abduction.

On Oct. 5, 2005, Hanover sheriff's deputies were asked to check on the 18-year-old, who had been living at Heath's home in the 7300 block of Brandy Creek Drive for several months. The woman found bloody and covered with bruises -- told authorities that she had been bound with tape, beaten and sodomized for six days prior, given only water and crack cocaine.

Commonwealth's Attorney Kirby Porter argued the abuse began after the woman refused Heath's demands to videotape her performing sex acts with him and his wife. Heath kept several guns in the house and threatened to kill her and her family if she fled, Porter said.

Heath's attorneys, Michael Morchower and Lee Kilduff, argued that the 18-year-old was using crack cocaine before she moved into the home and that she willingly participated in bondage and sex with the couple.

They showed jurors a home video of Heath and his wife having sex, where the 18-year-old is heard giving them direction off-camera.


To read this entire article, go to: http://www.timesdispatch.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=RTD/MGArticle/RTD_BasicArticle&c=MGArticle&cid=1149192080711
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Dominatrix says cop offered deal in exchange for fetish performance
by Reka Bala
The Journal News (Lower Hudson area, NY)
December 7, 2006

GREENBURGH - A dominatrix who allegedly acted out a kinky sexual fetish for a town police officer in a Rye Brook wooded area said yesterday she was repeatedly asked by the veteran officer to perform his fantasies and that in exchange, he would help her get a drug charge dropped.

At the continuation of a disciplinary hearing of Erik Ward last night, Gina Pane told members of the Town Board that several conversations, both on the phone and in person, took place in which Ward described to her what his sexual fetishes were. He then took her into a Greenwich, Conn., nature preserve near her home so they could do what he requested.

"He was like an excited child," said Pane of Ward's behavior prior to the tryst.

Ward met with Pane near her Rye Brook home on Jan. 22, the day after she was arrested when, police said, they saw her smoking marijuana in her car at the Greenburgh Multiplex. Pane contends Ward was summoned to the arrest scene because other officers knew he was a sexual fetishist. But Ward maintains it was standard procedure for a member of the Street Crime Unit to respond to the scene of a drug arrest in hopes of cultivating an informant.

Pane, who was dressed in a gray suit and blue shirt, spoke in a calm and assertive voice. She said Ward had called her multiple times after her arrest to arrange a meeting to discuss his fetishes and getting her drug charge dismissed.

Pane said they then walked into the woods and she squatted on a branch and defecated as he masturbated. Police collected feces, leaves and twigs from the location, but forensic testing did not identify any semen and could not confirm the feces were human.

Meanwhile, Ward has testified that he never engaged in any sexual activity with her, saying that the only discussion of a sexual nature was when she offered descriptions of the fetishes of some of her clients.


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Party may be over for Coopersburg sex club: City, owner of bar strike deal to end private swingers events
by Randy Kraft and Matt Birkbeck
The Morning Call (Penn.)
December 6, 2006

A tentative agreement has been reached to discontinue the operation of a sex club for swapping swingers in Coopersburg.

An agreement was reached Monday, said Maryann Higgins, borough solicitor. But she stressed that the settlement is only tentative until a written agreement is signed by all parties and approved next Monday by the borough's Zoning Hearing Board.

''That turns it into a binding order,'' Higgins said. She declined to reveal specifics of the agreement.

Borough Manager Daniel Stonehouse confirmed a settlement has been reached to discontinue the sex club, held inside Silhouette Showbar at 111 E. Station Ave., but said he did not know its details.

Bruce Young, co-owner of Coopersburg Holdings Inc., which owns Silhouette, said he hasn't seen the written agreement. But it's his understanding it will prohibit the strip bar from hosting future swingers events. In return, the borough will drop any zoning violations or penalties against the property owner.

Young added Club Kama Sutra hasn't held a party in Silhouette since late October.

''They paid weekly but stopped paying, so we rented the rooms,'' Young said.

Club Kama Sutra, a private sex club for swingers, began operating in the bar Sept. 2. For $60 a couple, it offered dancing, a light buffet and 12 hotel rooms for participants wishing to continue a more intimate form of private partying.


To read this entire article, go to: http://www.mcall.com/news/local/allentown/all-b1-
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Prosecutors claim Greenburgh cop crossed the line in the dominatrix case
by Jonathan Bandler
The Journal News (Lower Hudson area, NY)
December 5, 2006

GREENBURGH - Erik Ward may have been a decorated police officer, but he crossed the line and committed the crime of official misconduct when he had a dominatrix satisfy his sexual fetish, a prosecutor said yesterday.

But the officer's lawyer insisted there was no proof to Gina Pane's allegations that Ward got her to defecate as he masturbated after offering to help her get rid of a marijuana charge in January. The lawyer accused Pane of fabricating the sordid details so she could sue the town for $2 million and said the nature of her profession made her claims incredible.

"You have met Greenburgh's Tawana Brawley. I suggest this was a hoax from the absolute beginning," lawyer Andrew Quinn told the judge at the conclusion of Ward's criminal trial in Greenburgh Town Court. "When you compare the credibility of Erik Ward to the credibility of Gina Pane, it is absurdly a no-contest."

Assistant District Attorney Gwendolyn Galef countered that Ward had mistakenly relied on someone of Pane's background not coming forward. The prosecutor said it was difficult to understand what Pane did for a living, but that did not mean she was not telling the truth.

"She believed if she wanted help with her marijuana charge she would have to perform the acts the defendant wanted her to," Galef said. "She was a woman pushed into doing something by a police officer abusing his position."

Ward was the final witness yesterday, giving the same account as he did last week at his disciplinary hearing before Town Board members. He insisted there was no sexual or kinky activity between him and Pane, they never got out of his car in the woods where she claimed the tryst occurred and that the only discussion of a sexual nature was when she told him of the fetishes her clients enjoyed.

Town Judge Doris Friedman said she would render a verdict next Monday. Ward faces up to one year in the county jail if convicted of the misdemeanor charge. He is still facing the disciplinary hearing on departmental charges related to his recruitment of Pane as a confidential informant. That hearing resumes tomorrow night, when she is expected to testify.


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Ivy League: Flagellating females 101
by Les Kinsolving (opinion column)
December 5, 2006

The world-famed journalism school of the Ivy League's Columbia University has had a considerable number of its alumni who have been or are at present with the New York Times.

Possibly, this is why this alleged "newspaper of record" has not reported what has just been exposed in such considerable detail by New York Daily News reporter Douglas Feiden, under the headline: "WILD SEX 101."

This expose in turn has been picked up by both the ABC and Fox networks.

"WILD SEX 101" detailed, among other things, the following, which it identified as "university sanctioned":

Conversio Virium, (Latin for "exchange of power"), a sadomasochism organization where a Daily News reporter watched a (non-university) lecturer, who identified himself only as "Dov," as he flogged a female student volunteer with leather whips, rubber hoses - and a cat-o'-nine-tails - for 14 minutes, evoking squeals and occasional yelps of pain.

When I contacted Columbia University spokesman Robert Hornsby and asked if there was anything inaccurate in the Daily News in reporting this 14-minute flagellation of a female, Mr. Hornsby replied:

"Conversio has been around her for 10 years. That's nothing new."

I cannot agree with ... the Columbia statement about Sex 101:

"It is also disturbing that this reporter entered private property and attended not just one, but two meetings of the student group Conversio Virium without identifying himself as a reporter - in violation of the members' trust - in order to report on their private lives. The students have found this to be invasive and creepy. One can wonder if anyone would agree with or appreciate the exposure of their personal time in this manner."

The Daily News also reported Baltimore-based National Coalition for Sexual Freedom spokeswoman Susan Wright said: "Educating people about the safest flogging techniques so they don't accidentally strike the kidneys is responsible behavior."


To read this entire article, go to: http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53232
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