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NCSF Media Update -- October 29, 2006

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom -- Media Update
October 29, 2006

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National Coalition for Sexual Freedom -- Media Update
October 29, 2006

1. Porn: It's Not Just for Breakfast
2. All dressed up - in latex and dog collars
3. Council moves to limit parties
4. Annual Goth Ball filled with bondage and whips and naughty angels... oh my!
5. Adult club cannot operate

Porn: It's Not Just for Breakfast
by Violet Blue (opinion column, "Open Source Sex")
October 26, 2006
The San Francisco Chronicle

About an hour after I woke up Monday morning, I was on a San Francisco porn set -- a gigantic medieval dungeon dripping with chains and shackles. Maybe it was the lack of coffee and breakfast, or perhaps this is what happens when you're sleepy and you end up contemplating a table double stacked with whips and ropes and gallon-size bottles of lube, but I kinda felt like it was a little early to be making porn.

Who equips the breakfast-buffet table with floggers instead of muffins? Local online porn empire Kink.com, that's who. The company invited me to see how folks at its newest site, Behind Kink, spend an ordinary Monday. I'd skipped breakfast to start Protection from Porn Week in my own way (it's way different than Oracle Week, I swear), and experience a day in the life of a Web site dedicated exclusively to creating weekly 20-minute explicit episodes that document the making of hard-core BD/SM porn. I went from bed to Muni to taking photos to shadowing camera crews, ogling steep footwear and trying not to nibble on the riding crops.

San Francisco really is home to a porn empire (Kink.com has nine ultra-kinky hardcore sites and plans to launch five more soon) that would give it away free if it could just to change the cultural conversation about what it does. Kink.com's sites cater to extreme tastes -- water bondage, sexual electrical torment, excruciating male submission, hardcore female wrestling, sex machines, all manner of frighteningly inventive sexual predicaments and much more -- but James said he doesn't come to Behind Kink from any kind of kinky background, or from a porn background at all.


To read this entire article, go to: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2006/10/26/violetblue.DTL
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All dressed up - in latex and dog collars:
For fetishists, it's as much about the costumes as the sex
by Brian Alexander
October 25, 2006

TAMPA, Fla. - While it's not every night you find yourself stepping off a bus behind a 6-foot man dressed as Little Bo Peep, that's not why I'm staring at him.

This bus is full of people going to a party at a club here called The Chambers, after spending the day at the Hyatt Regency for "FetishCon", an annual convention that is part trade show, part classroom, part nighttime scene for fetish aficionados and the merely curious.

In a little while, some of the several hundred people in attendance will be chained to large steel Xs and flogged with leather cat-o-nine tails. Men will crawl on all fours and lick the feet of the women who brought them. One topless woman, her skin painted with a mural by a professional artist named Pashur, will dance for hours in a pair of giant boots that make her 7 feet tall.

So compared with this phalanx of PVC, leather and latex, Bo Peep looks practically normal.

No, I'm staring because I'm pretty sure I interviewed this guy the day before on the trade show floor. On my tape of our conversation he talks about being an occasional transvestite, how it helps him land girlfriends, and a little about the whole fetish philosophy. (Some words on my recording are tough to hear because somebody in the background is cracking a bullwhip.)

But I can't be positive this is the same guy because - no kidding - he looks a lot like Little Bo Peep. He's wearing makeup, a blonde wig, a bonnet, a blue skirt with petticoats, the whole Bo Peep she-bang, including the shepherd's staff.

Yesterday, sitting on a couch inside the hotel, he looked all the world like what he said he was, a middle-aged, upper middle-class IT manager for a major international charity. He wore a pair of Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt, his hair cut sensibly short like one of those guys from the 1960s glory days of IBM. He told me he was a Republican.

After spending three days and nights with bondage enthusiasts, submissives and dominants, a man mummified in duct tape, a huge pink bunny (who refused to speak to me because he was a bunny, and bunnies don't talk), people dressed as ponies complete with actual tack, and a 49-year-old North Carolina housewife turned Superhero fetish icon named Super Becca, I have learned to check my preconceptions at the door.


To read this entire article, go to: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/14061671/
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Council moves to limit parties
by Mike Goodwin
The Albany Times Union (NY)
October 25, 2006

SCHENECTADY -- The City Council on Monday amended its adult entertainment ordinance to end sex parties at a northside bed and breakfast, but an attorney for the city said it could be months before the gatherings at the inn end.

The city must now build a case that Union Street Bed & Breakfast owner Bob Alexson is continuing to host parties for swingers at his inn before he can be cited for violating the ordinance city officials believe will force him to move the parties to an area of the city zoned for industry.

"What he's done in the past is not something that we can use as an indication of what he will do with the legislation enacted," Assistant Corporation Counsel L. John Van Norden said. "You'll need to establish a case in order to prove he's not complying with the code."

The council voted unanimously to dramatically expand the city's adult entertainment ordinance to require that nearly all sex-themed businesses move to industrial zones. Council member Gary McCarthy was absent.

Mayor Brian U. Stratton said he intends to approve the amendment.

In the 1990s, the city passed legislation that required strip clubs and adult book stores to locate in industrial zones.

Now, pornographic theaters, escort services, nude modeling studios and motels and hotels that offer rooms specifically for sex are among the businesses the city can force into industrial zones.

Alexson has several legal options. He could ask a judge to impose an injunction that would allow the parties to continue while the legal issues are being argued.

He could also immediately ask a judge to make a declarative judgment, effectively asking a judge to rule on the constitutionality of the ordinance before the city can even allege he's violated it.

Alexson said he has no intention of moving the parties and is prepared for a long legal battle.

"I'm not afraid to fight the city. They can't tell me what I can and can't do in my own home," said Alexson, who also lives at the inn and claims the parties are an extension of his social life, not his business.

Alexson's legal possibilities could keep the case tied up in the courts for months or years. "It could take 10 years," Van Norden said.

Van Norden said he hoped Alexson will end the parties, but he added that the city was prepared to gather evidence if he charges people to attend swingers' parties at the 1362 Union St. inn.

"I can't just show up in Supreme Court and ask that he be closed down. That will require evidence," Van Norden said.

Van Norden admitted Monday that the city will be hard-pressed to prove that Alexson is operating a sex club if he doesn't charge an admission, though he added that the amendment allows the city to go after the inn based on the frequency of the parties. Alexson says he no longer charges, but accepts donations from attendees.


To read this entire article, go to: http://timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=528392&category=SCHENECTADY&BCCode=&newsdate=10/25/2006
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Annual Goth Ball filled with bondage and whips and naughty angels... oh my!
by Patrick Doty
The Gateway (The University of Nebraska at Omaha)
October 24, 2006

"Music. Fashion. Freakshow". These three things highlighted the third annual Something Wicked goth ball held at Club Nico Friday night. As goth wannabes and bondage fanatics filled the club, rock and punk banged out of the speakers, mist filled the air and spider webs adorned the walls.

The night, full of gothic fashion, music and erotica, began with a peep-show performance by The Fallen Angels. This was followed by "Terror on the Catwalk", with hair by Icon and fashions by Basic Tease Boutique. Performer Roxy Saint was a perfect fit for the event, performing live with an erotic background dancer.

To read this article, go to: http://www.unogateway.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2006/10/24/453f27f58bb01
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Adult club cannot operate
by Ron Selak Jr.
The Tribune Chronicle (Ohio)
October 24, 2006

WARREN - Trumbull County Common Pleas Judge Andrew Logan ruled last week that a rural adult club cannot operate because it does not conform with Hartford Township zoning regulations.

Kay Hovis of The Country Home on state Route 7 filed the action more than two years ago in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court after the township Board of Zoning Appeals denied her request for a conditional use permit to allow the in-home business, which operated for more than two and half decades as a swingers club.

Township attorney Mark Finamore said the business didn't fit into Hartford's zoning code, which allows for businesses such as barber shops, beauty shops and tax preparers to work out of their home. He said he received Logan's decision on Friday.

The decision can be appealed to the 11th District Court of Appeals within 30 days of the ruling.


To read this entire article, go to: http://www.tribune-chronicle.com/News/articles.asp?articleID=10350
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